Class trip to England

Who wouldn’t like to see the famous Tower Bridge or the beach of Broadstairs? Forms 7e1, 7e2 and 7e3 of our Pascal-Gymnasium were lucky. They went to Herne Bay in England and lived in host families for five days.

The pupils visited Dover Castle and Canterbury Cathedral, where a few knights murdered archbishop Thomas Becket in 1170. “I liked London best because we visited Covent Garden and went to Greenwich”, a girl told us. “But I also felt a little homesick and I didn’t like the English sockets because they are such strange things!” A boy said: “First I thought that the host family will be too strict and that it will rain all the time. But then it wasn’t so bad after all. Our host family was kind and we did many exciting things.”

So at the end all were happy with the trip. Perhaps they even learnt a little more English. At least, that’s what the teachers hope!

Lilian Hagel, 7e3