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A very warm welcome to our homepage!

We are pleased that you are interested in our school and would like to give you a compact overview on this page.

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Our school …

… has core lessons from 7:50 am to 1:05 pm

… provides students with a warm lunch in our school canteen, the “Essbar”

… offers afternoon supervision for pupils in years 5 and 6 (every day from 1:30 pm to 4 pm)

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We are a school surrounded by countryside …

… between the city centre/Kreuzviertel and Wienburg park

… with three school playgrounds allowing pupils to relax and let off steam in the breaks

… with special outdoor sports facilities on the school grounds

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We are a modern and well-equipped school with …

… large specialist rooms for English, French and German

… two large sports halls

… modern science labs

… a large auditorium equipped with the latest technology

… two IT rooms and Wi-Fi across the school building

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We have been awarded the title “healthy school” where …

… the aim is to help every pupil feel comfortable learning and working

… the participation of pupils, parents and staff is an integral part of everyday life

… promoting cooperation and trust is a matter of the heart

… the school community develops together

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Our mission statement

… has been developed in cooperation with pupils, parents and teachers

… is an expression of our values and attitudes

… provides a structure for our actions in everyday school life

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We are an open-minded school that …

… welcomes pupils from different backgrounds

… stands up to all forms of discrimination

… organizes many trips abroad, as well as projects and exchange programmes with our partner schools, to foster interaction between different cultures

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We are a “European School” offering …

… English and French from year 5 (“Nimm-2 Profil”)

… Spanish, Italian and Latin from year 9 and year 11

… a German-French bilingual programme (“F-Klasse”)

… trips abroad for all pupils

… bilingual courses in English and French in the sixth form

… qualifications in addition to A-levels (Abitur) (CertiLingua and AbiBac)

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We are an “NRW Sport School” …

… with a highly equipped PE department

… whose extracurricular timetable offers basic sports training

… that supports competitive athletes in basketball, athletics and volleyball

… that cooperates with various sports associations and clubs in Münster and beyond

… that cooperates with a boarding school for competitive athletes from outside Münster

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We are a “MINT-EC-School” …

… with modern teaching rooms and labs for all the natural sciences

… whose extracurricular activities from year 5 promote interest in science from an early age

… that offers a range of extracurricular activities for all age groups, as well as the opportunity for pupils to take part in numerous competitions

… that cooperates with a number of partners on interesting scientific projects

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Our music department

… teaches pupils to play an instrument in “brass-band” groups from year 5

… has a choir that pupils can join from year 5 and belong to throughout their school career

… gives regular concerts and other performances to enrich the school’s cultural life

… organizes annual music trips to give pupils intensive experience of playing in an ensemble